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Teen Course


Teen Course

1st Priority offers the State mandated teen course which is required for all teens wanting to get their drivers license. The 32 hr state mandate course includes , 32 hrs of in class instruction , 14 hrs of in car instruction ( 7 hrs driving and 7 observing) and the 2 written DPS exams . Students are also required to complete 30 hrs of driving at home with parents .

2019 Upcoming Summer Classes

Hrs  9 am-11 am or 12 pm-2 pm

June 3rd - 22nd

June 24th -  July 13th

July 15th - Aug 3rd

Aug 5th - Aug 24th 

Current SPECIAL!!

Teen Course Special $325 if paid in full at time of registration

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Q ) My son is 14 , can he take the teen course? 

A ) Yes, but he/she will not be eligible for their learners permit until the age of 15 yrs old. We recommend that your son/daughter be at least 14 1/2 yrs when taking the teen course. 

Q ) How many hours of actual driving time is included in the course? 

 A ) Students get a total of 7 hrs of actual driving time. The other 7 hours, they will be observing another teen student drive. 

Q ) Are the 30 hrs of home practice mandatory?

A ) Yes, these hours are mandatory and are a requirement for your son/daughter to receive their license. These hours can be completed with a relative or family friend as well,  as long as they hold a valid drivers license. 1st Priority Driving School can also complete these hours with your son/daughter for an additional fee.

Q ) How long does my son/daughter have to maintain his/her permit?  Teenagers are required to maintain their permit for a 6 month period. Before being eligible to take their driving test. In the State of Texas you are required to be 16 yrs of age in order to receive a provisional license. Therefore, teenagers who are 15 yrs of age must maintain their permit until the age of 16 yrs. Teenagers who are 16 yrs of age at the time they take their teen course MUST maintain their permit for 6 months. Students who are a few months shy of turning 18 yrs of age must maintain their permit only until they turn 18 yrs. before being eligible to take their driving test. 

Q ) Will my son/daughter be able to drive themselves to school after taking the driving test?  Yes, after taking and passing their driving test , teenagers will receive their PROVISIONAL LICENSE .  The provisional license allows teens to drive alone , but they do have a CURFEW from 12am-5 am. They CANNOT be driving during these hours unless it is school or work related. Also, your son/daughter is not allowed to drive with more than 1 person who's under the age of 21 yrs . who is NOT a family member. In other words your son/daughter is only allowed to be with 1 friend at a time. 

For any further questions you might have please contact us @ 281-864-5333